Since 2013 American Pellet Company has been supplying the Midwest with safe, quality, and reliable wood burning pellets.  Our product bares the mark of our rigorous testing and experience producing a pellet that yields the lowest possible ash while maintaining maximum heat.  Like our pellets, the relationships we forge with our recycled material suppliers ensures there is always a steady stream of high quality wood entering our facility and making its way to our retailers and into your stoves.


American Pellet Company


The American Pellet Company takes scrap wood and makes it into a renewable energy heating source for buildings and homes.



Since 2013

The relationships we have with our partners ensure we have a reliable stock of quality product  to keep our customers happy.

Our detailed creation process ensures that your pellets burn for longer and with the least amount of ash possible.

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Many retailers around the Midwest recognize our quality and carry American Pellet Company fuel in their stores.

Turning scrap wood into renewable energy