At American Pellet Company, (APC) we are committed to providing customers a low cost alternative for heating their home  or business while minimizing environmental impact. We understand that while most people want to do what is good for the earth, everyone wants to do what is good for their pocket book. We at APC can solve both issues. When compared to propane, fuel oil or electric heating sources WE SAVE YOU THOUSANDS! The best news is, while helping your budget you will be helping the earth, our heat pellets are made from 100% clean wood waste which means ZERO carbon footprint.

Service and quality are imperative to our team of professionals. Our staff is committed to producing high quality pellets at an affordable price. APC is family owned and located in the Heart of Mid- Michigan Shiawassee County to better serve our local communities.  We believe that speaking to a real person makes a real difference in the level of service that you receive. Call and speak to our warm and knowledgeable staff today.

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